Fotografía antigua escolar de Herminia

A woman ahead of her time

Born in 1889 to a prominent family from Rioja, Herminia had the privilege of an education that formed her ability for critical thinking and developed her appreciation for learning.

Herminia married a winemaker, Joaquin, and started a family together. She firmly believed in the importance of community and gave generously of her knowledge, efforts and time, by granting access to education to the children and women of her village.

Though Herminia passed away in 1944, her legacy lives on through the countless people she empowered to live fuller and richer lives. In 1949 her husband Joaquin, descendant from a long winemaking lineage, founded the winery in her honor to share her story with the world.

Now more than 70 years later, at Bodegas Viña Herminia we continue to make modern, bold, and pioneering Rioja wines that represent Herminia’s essence as we carry on her legacy.

Fresas y vainilla

Bold, modern and pioneering

A wine to honor a woman, the feisty, nonconformist and determined Herminia. She labored tirelessly in favor of her community questioning and challenging the established norms of her time. Charismatic, committed, a pioneer.

Herminia, the woman that inspired Bodegas Viña Herminia.


Moras y arándanos
lady herminia tempranillo

Herminia Tempranillo

Beautiful bright cherry color. Very fresh and fruity, with delicate vanilla nuances. Round and smooth on the palate, with soft pleasant tannin. This wine is perfect for enjoying on its own or paired with your favorite dishes. Aged in American and French oak casks for 4 months. Matured in bottle for 4 months.

lady herminia blanco

Herminia Blanco

A bright pale straw colour. Fresh, fine and subtle on the nose, with aromas of tropical fruits, banana and mango; and white fruits, pear and apple. On the palate it is round, fresh and unctuous. This wine is perfect for enjoying on its own or paired with your favorite dishes.

lady herminia crianza

Herminia Crianza

Bright garnet colour, with attractive cherry tones. Complex and lively, with vanilla and nutty aromas and notes of rich red fruit. Round and well-balanced. This wine is carefully aged in American and French oak casks for 12 months. Matured in bottle for 6 months.

lady herminia reserva

Herminia Reserva

Elegant and intense red cherry colour. Excellent balance between black fruit and oaky aromas, with an unmistakably Rioja profile. A complex bouquet, with creamy, blackcurrant and toasted notes. The palate shows a velvety texture which flows with a round and lingering finish. Aged in American and French oak casks for 24 months. Matured in bottle for 12 months.