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    botella de crianza Viña Herminia

    Italian food: Ideal partner for pasta, pizza and ossobuco.

    Fish & red wine: Why not? grouper or grilled tuna.

    Romantic dinner: Indian restaurant, our Crianza is the perfect choice for the spicy dishes on the menu.

    Evening pop up: Some appetizers at home, a group of friends, a chesse board and a glass of Crianza. What else?

    Garnet-red color, with black cherry glints, clear, with a lively, bright sheen.

    Open, complex and fruity, with abundant aromas of dark fruit and nice oak nuances from the cask, cherries and plums, balanced, elegant oakiness.

    Round, unctuous, full and supple. Balanced, long and sweetly tannic.

    85% tempranillo, 15% garnacha.

    12 months.

    6 months.


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