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    escudo de viña herminia
    • Crianza

      Italian food: Ideal partner for pasta, pizza and ossobuco.

      Fish & red wine: Why not? grouper or grilled tuna.

      Romantic dinner: Indian restaurant, our Crianza is the perfect choice for the spicy dishes on the menu.

      Evening pop up: Some appetizers at home, a group of friends, a chesse board and a glass of Crianza. What else?

      botella de herminia crianza
    • Reserva

      Sunday brunch at your parents’ home: smoked sausages. Open a bottle of Viña Herminia Reserva and be the favorite one.

      Saturday anytime, after a long week you deserve something good: ask for a juicy grilled steak and pair it with our Viña Herminia Reserva. Heaven.

      Life is a one-time offer: use it well. You are looking for something special, what about Cornish hens and a glass of our Reserva?

      botella de herminia crianza
    • Excelsus

      A special moment, your partner, you and a bottle of Viña Herminia Excelsus. Just forget the world.

      Business lunch, no better way to seal the deal than with a bottle of Excelsus.

      Take a risk: after your meal, go ahead and pair Excelsus with a dark chocolate based dessert. If you like brownies, this is definitely for you.

      botella de herminia crianza
    • Tempranillo

      You are the chef at home today and decide to open a bottle to drink while cooking. Why change? Try your meal with Tempranillo, sometimes it’s better to stay in.

      Mexican dinner tonight: ask for our Tempranillo really cold and enjoy all the hints of this delicious cuisine.

      Casual is the new smart: why not a hamburger with our young wine?

      botella de herminia crianza
    • Rosé

      Long day, self-time needed: Chinese food to order and Viña Herminia Rosé really cold. That’s the plan.

      Summer, sunny day, seated in a patio with your friends: Viña Herminia Rosé Calling.

      Today you want to go healthy. Have your favorite salad paired with our Rosé.

      botella de herminia crianza
    • white

      Seafood mood: Viña Herminia Blanco is the wine.

      Sunday funday: go to your local market with your partner, choose that white fish you are dying for, cook and enjoy with Viña Herminia Blanco.

      You do make great choices together.

      botella de herminia crianza


    Vine, sun and climate: that is where it all starts and we can only give thanks to nature for having reserved for us such a privileged spot to begin creating our wines.


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